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  • Tips for Increasing Your Toshiba PA3534U-1BAS Battery Life

  • Wednesday, 12 December, 2012 – 10:32 am
  • Toshiba PA3534U-1BAS batteryWhen it comes to extending your Toshiba PA3534U-1BAS battery life, there are some important aspects that need to be considered. So, you have a laptop that you use for work, playing games, or surfing the Internet. It is always a good idea to keep it with you, so that you can take care of important tasks when on the road, in the office. However, you a laptop charger is often necessary to take with you, as your battery life may be just a few hours long. Once you run short of battery power, you start scrambling for your laptop ac adapter to provide you backup power.
  • Having sufficient amount of battery power is extremely essential to keep you up and running. There are certain instances where you cannot afford your battery to drain, especially when you are in the middle of an important meeting, or in the middle of an important project. However, you must recognize the fact that if you keep your laptop ac adapter plugged into your computer all the time, then it will end up ruining the life of your Toshiba PA3534U-1BRS battery. Keeping your laptop connected to the battery pack for an extended period of time can make your battery get hot or to not be able to hold a charge for longer. If you do this repetitively, your battery will be ruined.
  • Therefore, you need to make sure that you keep your Toshiba PA3534U-1BAS battery connected to the battery pack only until it is completely charged. There is an icon on the taskbar that keeps you updated about how much time is left. When it is connected to the charger, the icon will clearly show that you are charging your battery up.
  • The best way of extending your Toshiba PA3534U-1BAS battery life, or at least maintaining its original capacity, you need to ensure that you remove the charger as soon as it shows that the battery has been completely charged. This is usually recommended for nickel cadmium batteries. Once the battery is full, remove the charger and continue to use your laptop. Do not plug the charger into the power socket unless the battery charge is down to 0 percent. After it has been completely used up, you can connect the charger for charging it up back again. In fact, you need not to let your battery discharge completely especially if you are using a Li-Ion battery. These types of batteries can plug in at any time without inflicting any harm to the battery.
  • When you are travelling around and have a Li-Ion battery, charging your toshiba battery shopping whenever possible is recommended. This way you won’t have to be concerned about decreasing battery power. If you find yourself without a charger, make sure to utilize power saving options on your laptop such as lowering the intensity of the screen brightness, turning off Wi-Fi connections, and letting your laptop go to hibernation when it is not in use. These steps could help you consume less power while extending the battery life at the same time.
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