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  • Medical Finger Pulse Oximeter: A Quick Guide
  • Thursday, 23 June, 2011 by Daniel
    A medical finger pulse oximeter is a device used for monitoring the oxygen level in blood. As the name implies, this professional-level oximeter uses the fingertip to obtain the level of oxygenation, particularly the veins under the finger nail. Finger pulse oximeters are commonly utilized in the medical field, or in military aviation for pilots exposed to high altitudes. This method is preferred over the traditional means as it eliminates the need for blood samples, and shows results within minutes. In addition, the non-invasive procedure is favored by many patients as it is quick and painless.

  • How an extended battery can lighten your life?
  • Tuesday, 21 June, 2011 by Daniel
    If this little innovation from Sony catches on, you will no longer need to interrupt an important presentation to grope inside your bag for another battery. For the new Sony S series offers the luxury of an extended battery that doubles the juice of this sleek 13.3" laptop. The extension is a battery tray that clips on under the laptop discreetly, ensuring that you hardly notice the addition. Maybe to accommodate the extended battery, the S series laptops are thinner and lighter than most other laptops. Even after adding the 512-gm battery tray, the laptop weighs just about 2.2 kg. Sony claims these laptops can work for over 12 hours with the additional sony laptop battery.

  • Why we prefer to choose lithium batteries?
  • Tuesday, 21 June, 2011 by Daniel
    Over the last decade or so, most of us have slowly found ourselves increasingly dependent on a single type of battery: a lithium battery (such as notebook battery). This has led to some interesting questions on why lithium has become the preferred choice, and what comes after lithium? In this blog post I attempt to explain some of these issues. We pvoide dell notebook battery, acer notebook battery, toshiba notebook battery and many more brands of lithium notebook batteries at factory price.
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